Sustainable Youth Development Foundation

Integrated farming for development (IFD)

Since the introduction of National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS) program in Uganda, a big number of small holder farmers in Bugiri district took up piggery projects on top of their crop farming but along the way both the crop farming and piggery did not yield the anticipated results due to lack of;

  • Enough feeds
  • Prior Training
  • Better breeds and improved seed
  • The most cost effective and impactful approach

It's these challenges that have given birth to the need of the Integrated Farming for Development (IFD) project in Bugiri. SYDF seeks to pilot this project which will not only provide the farmers in Bugiri District with better breeds of piglets and improved maize seeds but also train them on the concept of integrated farming as the most cost effective and impactful approach. A selection criteria will be developed to select and asses 100 farmers to work with and with the help of trained personnel, these will be trained in integrated farming, helped to improve their already existing piggery structures for better collection of pig waste for organic manure as remedy to the coarse in texture soils, rainwater harvest, and give them two piglets (male and female) and 1 – 2 Kgs of improved maize seeds each.

SYDF will focus on these fundamentals; the selection criteria for purposes of determining the interest levels among the potential farmers, the 100% interest free payback model, improved piggery structures in the interest of pig waste collection and rainwater harvest, record keeping, general farm care for both piggery and crops, and farmers operating in groups.

SYDF expects this project to sustainably reduce on the death rate due to malnutrition by at least -2% per 100,000 individuals off -59% in Uganda and save 10 DALYs (communicable and non-communicable diseases)

Period Outcome No. of farmers/parderns/piggery farms
3 months
  • Identified, assessed, selected and trained farmers
  • Improved piggery farms
  • Improved crop gardens
  • Distributed Piglets and Maize Seeds
  • 100 Farmers
  • 100 Garden
  • 100 Piggery Farms
  • 200 piglets and 200Kgs of Improved seeds
1 year
  • Improved farm yields
  • Farmers practicing integrated farming
  • Operating farmers’ groups
  • Scale up plan
  • 100 Farm records of improvement on the yields
  • 100 Farmers' groups
2 years
  • Improved standards of living at household level
  • Scaling up
  • 100 Households

SYDF needs sixty one million (61,000,000/=) Uganda Shillings, the majors expenses being; Purchase of 200 piglets at 30,000,000/=, Purchase of feeds for the first 5 - 6 months at 10,000,000/=, Training of 100 farmers at 7,000,000/=, Cost sharing on improvement of pigs farms at 6,000,000/= to pilot this project.


Communities whose standards of living are self - sustainably improved socially and economically.

SN Name Title Location during implementation
1. Aine Dixon Executive director Bugiri
2. Kyarisiima Sharon Sylvia Programs Manager Bugiri
3. Wakibi Richard Veterinary officer Bugiri