Sustainable Youth Development Foundation

Reach the Girl Child Skills Development Center

  • Project title: Reach the Girl Child Skills Development Center
  • Type of project: Hands on Skills Training
  • Project proponent: Sustainable Youth Development Foundation (SYDF)
  • Number of Beneficiaries: At least 80 Youths every 6 months
  • Location of Beneficiaries: Kawempe Division
  • Date of Implementation/Duration: Start date April 2018 and Remains a going concern
  • Area of Project Implementation: Kiyanja Village, Mpererwe Parish Kawempe Division - Kampala

Background/situation analysis

Ugandan youths just like world over, continue for face a challenge of unemployment. In Uganda, this is highly attributed to our education system that is majorly designed to create more job seekers than job creators which is also at a high cost. With this rather an economic nation braking situation on the increase due to most youth becoming town dwellers with low or no income thus increase in slum populations.

Sustainable Youth Development Foundation as a Youth led Community Based Organisation (CBO) has designed a number of income generating projects that tend to train, equip, mentor and empower the youths in and around Kampala with hands on and entrepreneurship skills to empower them earn a daily income to better their lives thus contributing to the economy of the country.

SYDF’s Reach the girl child skills development center is a hand on skills development project aimed at equipping the vulnerable youths mainly young mothers with skills that can enable them earn a living. Much as this project’s main entry is tailoring skills training, it also has sections of hair dressing training, Basic computer skills training, Bakery and art & craft.

Project objectives

Objective Strategy
At least 80 youths equipped with hands on skills every 6 months Setting up well equipped different hands on training sections; that’s to say tailoring, hair dressing, catering/baking and computer within the center.

Desires impact and outcome of the project

  • Reduced levels of unemployment among the youth, reduced crime rate and an empowered youth generation to solve their own social economic challenges

Risk management plan

Risk Mitigation measures
Availability of supporting funds - Conducting fundraisers both online and locally
- Developing partnerships with different entities
The youth’s mindset - Developing mindset changing programs
- Using fellow youth’s success stories

Detailed budget requirement

Budget Line Item Description Amount Needed Proposed Sources
Machines and Equipment Tailoring machines, computers , hair dressing machines, catering and baking machines 7,000,000/= Fundraiser
Training material Assorted 5,000,000/= Fundraiser
Operating Space 3,000,000/= Fundraiser