Sustainable Youth Development Foundation

Hands on skills trainings

We are grateful to every single person, organisation, initiative, network and business that have supported us in different ways since we commenced our journey of training different groups of young people in the different communities in tailoring, hairdressing, bakery, computer basics and making of reusable sanitary pads, paper bags and liquid soap since 2015 and production of Obutonde Eco – Bags (Paper Bags), Naomi Liquid Soap and No Shame Sanitary Pads.

From 2018 to date, SYDF has trained 2805 youths in making reusable sanitary pads, 398 youths in making paper bags and 330 youths in making liquid soap across Uganda.


SYDF has produced over 20,000 reusable pads, 3M paper bags and 10,000 litres of liquid soap from 2018 -2021. Production of reusable sanitary pads is mostly on order attached to trainings however, we also produce for individual sales but on a low scale. In production that is attached to trainings we also donate as an organisation to a tune of 20%. Then with our price for individual sales of 3500 shs which is supposed to be 5000shs per piece, we donate 1500shs. All our productions i.e reusable sanitary pads, paper bags and liquid soap we put environment protection into consederartion and its one of our major quality control measures.