Sustainable Youth Development Foundation

About us

Sustainable Youth Development Foundation (SYDF) is a legally registered (Reg. No. KAW/16.038) youth led, non-political Community Based Organization established in 2015 to address the Socio-economic challenges including HIV/AIDS, poverty and unemployment facing young people of Mulago III Parish and the surrounding communities in Kawempe Division - Kampala.


SYDF visualized a youths' generation that is poverty free, socially, economically self-reliant and conscious about basic rights and human dignity.

Mission statement

SYDF works to assist the youths and young people at grass root level to find access to sustainable development in society with due dignity to solve their own social-economic problems.

Core values

  1. Respect for human rights
  2. Collective participation
  3. Transparency
  4. Accountability
  5. Integrity
  6. Volunteerism
  7. Respect for the rule of law

Our objectives

  1. To facilitate the youths' engagement in community, national and international processes in promoting positive, sustainable and progressive development.
  2. To promote youth awareness and responsiveness to development issues and improve access to information on youth and policy issues at community levels.
  3. To facilitate and promote the capacity building of community stakeholders that are working with vulnerable youths and the youths taking part in positive, sustainable and progressive development.
  4. To equip the youths with skill in public social responsibility, accountability, leadership and offer spiritual mentorship.
  5. To empower the youth fight against HIV/AIDs and drug abuse