Sustainable Youth Development Foundation

Health and Care

We try to make a difference in people's lifes by providing good health and care and spreading knowledge about the subject. We have done this in multiple ways which you can read about underneath.

Sexuality/menstrual hygiene

SYDF made a difference in the young girls’ menstrual hygiene, especially for school going by turning their week of shame into normal days just like the others days of the year by availing over 270 packs of reusable sanitary pads in three different schools and teaching them everything that comes with them. (Using, washing and storing them)

Community health/Community outreach

We reached out to the community to sensitize, create awareness about Hepatitis B and then testing and vaccinating. Results showed a great deal of Hepatitis B existence and ignorance in Mulago iii parish Community.

Intervention Female Male
Sensitized 400 280
Tested 202 98
Vaccinated 0 0

Drug abuse HIV/AIDS

SYDF educated young people to become well equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to make responsible choices about their sexual and social relationships in a world affected by HIV/AIDs. Ten sessions were conducted with both in school and out of school youths.

Confidence building training

Giving the youths the right information and life skills to be more productive, God fearing and build their self-esteem. A nine weeks training was conducted.