Sustainable Youth Development Foundation

Education Uplifting In Iwemba Sub - County Bugiri District

Under Latek Stay Alliance Uganda as an umbrella Organisation with support from Stay Foundation, SYDF as a member Organisation and operating in eastern and central Uganda responded to the call for proposals dated 22 April, 2017 under three thematic areas that included Health, Education and Income Generation with a goal of alleviating poverty in rural areas hence transforming communities.

SYDF responded to the call under the education thematic area basing on the experience working with the youth in educational programs and the need to uplift education in Iwemba Sub- County.

Much as the selection and approval of the social entrepreneurs that were awarded the projects for implementation was done earlier, the actual funding was done much later in September 2017 due to a number of reasons including the assessment of the beneficiaries. However this did not stop SYDF from conducting the underlying activities towards the project.

Working with the parish leaders at district level, we agreed to have the project start in Iwemba sub – county because of the high need for education to be uplifted and spread it to other sub – counties basing on the availability of funds and success of this very one.

We managed to asses five potential beneficiaries but because the funding was for only one beneficiary we had to select the most vulnerable; Babirye Valeria.